My name is Jazz Castaneda and I appreciate you taking the time to venture through my website! As a creative, I enjoy many forms of expression. Namely that of writing and photography. Currently, I am re-working my published book, If My Journey Could Speak. Additionally, my first Science fiction book, Siren’s Temptation will be released Fall of 2019. Recently I’ve begun sharing my more “fun” works such as fan fiction. A type of fiction that is based on an existing series whether it be a television show, comic, anime, movie, etc. Direct link to my fanfiction page is available ​​​​​ here . Hopefully, you'll enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed writing them! Please consider subscribing to my website and following me on my social media to keep up with my work and my upcoming artistic endeavors! 

The Latest of My Fan Fiction

This Hero Wears Black Latex
A Catwoman fanfiction loosly based on the early 2000 comicbook series.
"She meant it when she said she was going to do things differently from now on. That she was going to make a difference."
 Deadly Girls like Me
An alternate universe fanfiction based off the anime Naruto.
"Agent Sakura Haruno knows more than anyone that nightmares are not only reserved for the darkness of one’s vast deep suspended consciousness. The concept of nightmares can be quite tangible within the realms of reality. She has witnessed it first hand.
    The cruelty that mankind has to offer. The nightmares that have physical forms and human faces. In a world where corruption continues to run rampant, it’s people like her who fight to put a stop to it."
A Black Widow Marvel fanfiction.
"As always, he saw her in a light that differed from most. Equally grateful and resentful for his misguided views, she took his interpretation of her character in stride. Her comrade, her...friend."

If My Journey Could Speak

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