Artist Spotlight: Eric and Chan

Eric and Chan are both amazing artists based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They both have their hand in comics, illustrations, and graphic design. Call them what you may; this talented artist powerhouse of a couple has amazing work (as shown below). For interest of hire or collaboration; check out their websites, or contact them directly!

Eric's Work

  1. Watercolor Flower
    Watercolor Flower
    An Illustration
  2. God of Multitasking
    God of Multitasking
  3. Conniption
    A page from Eric's Comic
  4. Eric's Series of Comics
    Eric's Series of Comics
  5. Jawbone Sepia
    Jawbone Sepia
  6. Trapsuit

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Chan's Work

  1. Princess Delivery
    Princess Delivery
  2. Limit
  3. Chan's Comics
    Chan's Comics
  4. Cold Reduced
    Cold Reduced
  5. Bike Man
    Bike Man
  6. Lust

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