Artist Spotlight: Steve Olson
  1. The Embrace
    The Embrace
    From Steve Olson's Wood Series
  2. New Math
    New Math
    From Steve Olson's Wood Series
  3. The Park Bench
    The Park Bench
    From Steve Olson's Green Series
  4. Angel Got Wings
    Angel Got Wings
    From Steve Olson's Red Series
  5. The Clown
    The Clown
    From Steve Olson's Green Series
  6. The Box; Mother and Child
    The Box; Mother and Child

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Steve Olson creates art that exposes the human condition; his pieces inevitably tugging at your heartstrings and making you think about the struggles of others, and perhaps even yourself, in the process. 
As the son of a social worker, his work explores the realms of social justice issues ranging from homelessness, gun violence, depression, illness, and so on. His works of art expresses life in it’s rawest and perhaps, darkest forms. Unlike today, with our social media outlets, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… where we arguably emphasize to an almost excessive and fabricated level of perfection and happiness-Steve Olson focuses on the moments of despair, and brings exposer to the very topics that people, for whatever reason, at times choose to ignore. As a Minneapolis Artist, his art, ranging from wood carvings, paintings, to sculptures, is displayed in “mayor’s offices, the State Capitol and local public schools, and has even teamed up with the Family Housing Fund”. 
To see more of his incrediable artwork, check out his website , and learn more about Steve Olson.
Steve Olson: [email protected]