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You'd be surprised of the magnitutde of great people within the world that are focused on making a positive impact! Learn more about these humanatarians!
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Fashion, Style, and Design...With a Purpose
At first glance these things may not seem like they could make a significant positive impact in people's lives. Yet, companies are finding ways to create products that provide fair-wage jobs, and are using  materials that would usually be considered waste  into beautiful pieces that people can purchase to support their campaigns and ideals for exceptional idealistic change. 
Bracelet from the Purple Buddha Project
Putting the Spotlight on Real Issues
It's easy to ignore things that aren't right in front of us. However, it's important to be aware of the issues of the world so that we can grow and change it for the better together. We share this world together; let's support one another.
Make an impact on peoples lives, feel good about what you are doing, and gain priceless experiences! That's what you gain when you volunteer. My goal is to put a spot light on organizations that make a difference.