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Mn Artist

April 25, 2016

Overall, I think volunteering is an enriching experience. You meet great people and you have the privilage to support a cause or organization that you believe in. This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering and shooting for Mn Artist at the St Paul Art Crawl. And this weekend I became friends with another Volunteer, Aoife, and was able to enjoy one of the best days Spring has had to offer yet in Minnesota! 
For those that aren't familiar with Mn Artist, it's an online artist community that has fantastic articles, showcases art related events, and even allows for Minnesota artists to promote their own work, shows, and portfolio! In addition to this, you can even potentially find JOBS! It's truly an amazing website! If you're an art enthusiast, I highly recommend  checking it out at

Interested in my Mn Artist profile? Check it out here .


November 28, 2015

My first tattoos. 
Anna, the woman that gave birth to me, and sacrificed everything for our family. She is literally my everything. (I jokingly said I should have maybe put "Product of Anna", since I also inherited her crazy personality). I don't think I've met anyone stronger than her. Or more kind. She's the type of woman that puts everyone's needs before herself, and has forgiven people that I would have said, if I were in her place, "To hell with them." So, there she is, in Typewriter font, right on my wrist.

And the word faith.

When I was in high school, I went through periods where I was extremely sick. Which, I suppose, can be said for most of my life. But this time, it was different. I was so sick that my doctor actually gave me a time period, three months. I had three months to live. I was living in extreme pain, to me those three months was almost a time period till my freedom. If I wasn't getting better, I'd rather die. That was my mindset. But I told myself to have faith. Faith that I'd get better. Faith that I'd persevere. I made it, obviously. Though, it was a period where I had to face my mortality. I had to accept that, hey, you're going to die. I think in our youth we understand our mortality. But it doesn't hit home till we're on our deathbead. It feels wrong, like, a mistake. Since then, I've dealt with many more difficult incidents. Moments where I didn't think I'd make it, moments where I had to blindly walk by faith. I used to write this on my wrist as a reminder. Five years later, and I finally just got it. 

People can say or think what they want, but these tattoos mean a lot to me. They are important reminders. If you're against it, well, that's you.
Thank you Kyle at Leviticus Tattoo for the amazing work!


November 28, 2015

More than anything, I just want to feel invincible. I want to feel like I can do anything. I want to be brave. I want to be bold. 

Mis Amigos

October 25, 2015

Engaged, married, having kids, starting businesses, or simply too busy to hangout.
 It is through this transition as an adult that I’ve begun to realize that friendship isn’t based on the proximity of how close you live or work together, or how often you interact with each other. Some of my friends are moving across the country, moving abroad, or traveling the world. Yet, for all my friends, with us only occasionally saying hello on Facebook or grabbing a drink after work,  that doesn’t make us any less of friends than before. 
This is something I’ve had to learn recently. It isn’t through constant interaction that determines a friendship. It is our love for each other. It really is as simple as that.

Kitty Cat

October 21, 2015

 Selina Kyle. 
Or, as most people know her as, Catwoman. I've been attracted to this comic book character for as far back as I can remember. Her strength, her confidence, and most importantly, her ability to remain true to herself. Of course, that sometimes entailed actions of the more criminal variety. And in this regard, I am not trying to romanticize criminal activities. However, her heart, her attitude, her mind-flaws included-she was brilliant. She wasn’t perfect like Diana Prince , AKA Wonder Woman (admittedly, another favorite of mine). She hurt, she was conflicted, going back and forth from committing crime while also playing her hand at being the hero, she understood loss and being alone. All qualities, in one shape or another, that we’ve all had to deal with and overcome. 
So it goes without saying that with Halloween around the corner, I figured I’d pay homage to my hero (or rather, anti-hero). Not a legitimate costume, but this bustier has Selina Kyle written all over it.
And with this I'll say ME-0W.
Purchased from bebe .