10 Tips for Every Artist

1.One of the hardest and the most important steps is simply forming a habit of creating and mastering your art or craft.  It may sound easy, but it can be quite tricky. Especially when we aren’t inspired or can’t seem to find the time. No excuses. Whatever your art is, find out what materials you need, be mindful of how to safely use them, and just create. If you must, do an hour a week, and go from there.
2.Keep everything you create, you’ll be surprised to what you will come back to and what purpose it will serve later! Or maybe you won’t use it, but it can serve as a nice reminder of where you once were and the progress you have made!
 3.Unplug and explore! There are times when we are all especially bad with staying glued to our phone or computer. By doing something else you can trigger your creativity. Work out, go for a jog or a walk, meditate, dance, go out with friends, read a book-Expose yourself to different places and exhibits…just unplug and venture out to see the world around you. I have found my inspirations in the strangest of places. And so can you!
(A personal example is when I was taking a walk on the trail and found inspiration to make my first video “Why You Should Believe in Yourself” . I wasn’t expecting to create anything. However, the change of scenery and being able to have a clear head gave me a moment to let the creative juices flow.)
 4.Study people you admire! One way to achieving the level of success of someone you idolize, is by studying their life and learning how they got to where they are at. By studying people that you respect, you can create a basic outline of what you can do to achieve or even surpass what they had accomplished!
5.In continuation of the previous tip; continue your studies! Go to workshops, take classes, open a self-help book, or check out a video tutorial! There are countless options for budding artists to get help, there isn’t any excuse as to why you can’t get better! If you are stuck, there are a million platforms that can aid you. In this day and age with the help of the internet, the answer is literally at your finger-tips. Google your question and see what you’ll get. Don’t have a computer? Go to the library! Study your craft and you’ll advance. 
  6.Broadcast yourself! Promote what you are doing! Network! And make a platform where you can showcase your work! There are so many options as to how you can promote your art! 
Checkout Blogspot, Tumblr, Deviantart, Youtube, etc. If you’re in the Minnesota area, checkout MN Artist. Look into contests. Join clubs! There are endless options. These are just a few.
 7.Don’t be discouraged by critics or haters! Someone will always have something to say. I personally feel bad for people that try and shut others down when they are putting themselves out there. Why rain on someone else’s parade?! Just keep doing what you are doing. I’m not saying it’s easy to ignore them. But know that you are amazing! I love the saying, “a tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” Keep that mentality. Anyone that can be hateful to you is not someone you should ever listen to-most people that attempt to bring others down are low lives and cowards. This remains true and is even magnified when it comes to the internet. Don’t lose sleep over them. You are courageous, you are brave, and you are great! So create gosh darn it!
 8.Do not compare yourself to others! So someone may be better at what you do than you are, so what!?  This shouldn’t discourage you from what you are doing. Don’t you dare compare your work or style to someone else’s. You can offer a style and outlook that no one else can bring to the table, and that’s because there is only one of you.
9.This brings me to my next tip. Be you. Create your own unique style! Don’t be a copy cat, be original! What do you tend to do/create naturally? Don’t create with the intention to try and fit the mold. This is art! The mold is meant to be broken! Be unique! Be you! What do you want to create and do? It’s okay to be inspired by others, just remember to try and do your own thing, don’t copy someone else!
10.Work hard! So you don’t know the technical terms, maybe you even feel discouraged before you even begin, and maybe your art isn’t turning out how you anticipated. That’s alright! Don’t give up! You are an artist, you create, can you really give up on your art? No one is perfect or becomes a pro right away, perfect whatever you’re passionate in! Through consistent practice you’ll master art and ambition in no time.