Fuck It

Maybe it’s rather crude to say “fuck it” in polite company. However, the statement “fuck it” should be a consistent internalized mantra for all of us to include within our daily lives. So often it seems that we allow fear to hold us back and we allow expectations of others and ourselves to paralyze us. 


Why are we so afraid to do as we please? We have only one life on this Earth and our time is limited. 
Not even tomorrow is promised to us. The reality of the situation is that we are all going to die. 

So what stops us from actually living?

Fuck the fear, fuck what people say you should do, fuck what people say you are doing wrong,  and fuck everything that limits you from being the best you.

You have only one life on this planet. Live your life pursuing what makes you happy and what makes you thrive. 

As for anything that counters that? 

Fuck it.