Golden Rule

Located West of the Twin Cities in a small town known as Excelsior, there is an extraordinary boutique known as Golden Rule owned by the ever so lovely, vibrant, and warm shop owner, Erin Kate Duininck.  
 Golden Rule has a wide range of  unique and amazing merchandise: music, accessories, jewelry, cards, tea, prints-the list goes on and on. As if to only add to the authentic cool vibe that Golden Rule has to offer, the merchandise itself has actually been handcrafted by an assortment of extremely talented artists. 
In my own personal experience as a customer, each visit I’m pleasantly surprised by what I find in Golden Rule. I’m always thinking I have the store figured out, and that I know exactly what to expect and what I’m getting into once I walk through the front door. I’m delightfully proven wrong each time. Something new seems to always be present, catching my eye and making me debate exactly what it means to be a responsible adult that sticks to her budget. 
Though, jokes aside, everything is incredibly affordable, and the quality of all the products is amazing. From the cute cups that I can imagine on my kitchen countertop, to the quirky tee’s and totes that I can see myself wearing around town-the store has just about everything a girl (or man) needs. And maybe even more (which explains my obsession with Golden Rule being my go to when concerning gifts of any kind for just about everyone I know).
From the aesthetically pleasing displayed merchandise, the sweet music playing at all times as you shop, to the staff, whether it’s Erin Duininck herself, or one of the artists that’s apart of the collective; I always feel welcomed in every visit.
If you live in Minnesota, and you’re in the Twin’s Cities’ Area, I highly recommend checking out Golden Rule. Besides the bonus of supporting a local business, as well as a variety of other brilliant artists, you’ll receive a warm and welcomed experience of checking out a fantastic store where you’ll inevitably find something that you’ll love! 
Golden Rule is located 
OPEN • SUN 12-5, MON 10-2, TUES + WED 10-5, THURS 10-8, FRI + SAT 10-6
Music created by Greenfinch:
Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by Golden Rule.