How to Volunteer

The tasks that you are assigned can vary when it comes to volunteering. However, no matter what job you do the consequence is always the same. You are making a positive impact. I love when people ask about how I started volunteering and how they can contribute to their community. Most people are surprised that they can find flexible options that works with their schedules. Here are some steps on how to start volunteering.

1. Consider your schedule: 
Before you commit to volunteering you should consider your schedule. There are plenty of organizations and volunteer opportunities that’ll work with your schedule no matter how hectic your schedule may be. Just remember to be honest and forthcoming with yourself and the organizations that you are interested in helping. It’s your responsibility to follow through with volunteering once you commit. 

2. Pinpoint the cause that you’re passionate about:
Finding a cause that you’re passionate about can be potentially difficult. There are tons of options. Where do you begin?! It’s important to first consider what’s important to you. Helping the homeless? Working with kids? Tutoring teens? Helping animals? What can you see yourself doing? That is what you should pursue! 

3. Find an organization:
Once you find a cause that you’re passionate about and have a clear understanding of your schedule and what you’re capable of committing, the next step is to find an organization that supports the cause you believe in! This is actually not as difficult as it may initially appear. You can do something as simple as   googling opportunities within your area. Another option is to utilize the website . This is my personal go-to. You can customize your search to find the best option for you. There are tons of organizations that post on here volunteer opportunities! And this is actually how I found one of the current places I volunteer at (shout out to Urban Ventures )! Otherwise you can also search on LinkedIn . Besides finding jobs and internships you can also find volunteer opportunities! 

4. Find out how you can use your strengths to help:
 A lot of times these organizations will have websites or posts that will readily tell you what openings that they need volunteers in. Otherwise you can always call or ask questions directly (though I will recommend researching the organization’s website beforehand). You’d be surprised in what ways you can help your cause and the organization you’re interested! Your awesome creativity, open personality, or even your ability to navigate social media may be exactly what they need! Play with your strengths and see how you can help!

5. Take the leap and apply!
Once you apply you might have a quick interview process and orientation. From there you’ll have an amazing experience that’ll not only be enriching for you, but also for your community!  Good luck and happy volunteering!

I hope this was helpful to you! If you have any questions please email or message me directly and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.