Words of Jazz: Why So Serious?

We have all had the unfortunate pleasure of having that  person make a guest appearance in our life at some point or time.

And by "that person" I am referring to the person that breaks you down, that makes you feel terrible about yourself, and that has done you wrong. It’s the person that left you high and dry, and made you think it (whatever the situation may be)  was your fault. It’s the person that may even wish you would fail, and it’s the person that gives your anxiety momentum. 

Words of Jazz: What Makes a Woman Beautiful

What makes a woman beautiful?
Take a moment to think about an answer before you read on.
Do you have a few suggestions you’d like to offer?
Were any of your suggestions geared more towards a woman’s appearance?
Well, I won’t deny you the fact that when considering what makes a woman beautiful, by default our minds seem to consider the physical attributes  of a woman more often than not. 
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Words of Jazz: Why You Should Believe in Yourself
Here are my thoughts and beliefs on the importance of believing in yourself. The music is courtesy of Greenfinch Prod. To check out more of his work go onto his Soundcloud! 
 Disclaimer: This is a video on my personal beliefs. For anyone that is currently looking to seek help with severe depression or having suicidal thoughts, please seek help from a professional. Do not try and self diagnose yourself!
Words of Jazz: The Importance of a Little R&R
To often it seems like we dive head first into a million projects with high hopes. I am no exception. We all seem to be a little overworked, a little overwhelmed, and dare I say it, a lot tired.
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Words of Jazz: You're Not Normal
Self doubt and fear are nasty little things that eat away unnecessarily at us and at others. This form of negative acceptance discourages personal growth and development while feeding our insecurities.

It's unbelievably easy to allow negative and hateful thoughts and emotions run wild and roam free within our psyche. It's almost as if we are programed to think and expect the worst. For some reason, we are our biggest critics, and allow ourselves to drown in habits and thoughts that do nothing for us. Even worse, we seem to accept the same from others.