The Purple Buddha Project

When you purcahse something from the Purple Buddha Project, automatically a donation is placed to clean three meters of bomb infested lands in Laos and in Cambodia. Materials such as bomb shells, UXO’s (undetonated explosive weapons such as bombs, shells, grenades, land mines, naval mines, etc), and bullets from Cambodia and Laos is transformed into handcrafted ethically made beautiful jewelry from local Cambodian fair-waged artisans to change an object of negativity into something positive. 
The Purple Buddha Project was founded by Forrest Curran.
The Purple Buddha Project started off as a motivational Tumblr while Curran was still in college. Thanks to support and a successful Kickstarter, The Purple Buddha project expanded and has grown into something more. 



 Cambodia is one of the most bombed countries in the history of mankind. 
“More tones of bombs were dropped on Cambodia than dropped on Germany and Japan combined during WW2. 
2,700,000 tons dropped by Allies in European theater and 2,756,941 tons of bombs dropped on Cambodia”.  

Purple Buddha Project

Once I was educated on the company and looked at the lovely designs and scoped out the site, it was easy to find a piece that caught my eye. For my first ever purchase I bought the Natural Amethyst Weapons of Conflict Bracelet .
Being an individual who has recently been getting into crystals and all of their claimed healing properties, I found it to be destined to purchase this particular bracelet. Already I've gotten compliments from it and have informed many people of the company, its mission, and their pieces. 
Without a doubt, this bracelet is one of my favorite accessories. Check out the website ,  and find a piece that suits you too!

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement  I was not paid to comment about The Purple Project or their products.