The Importance of a Little R&R  

To often it seems like we dive head first into a million projects with high hopes. I am no exception. We all seem to be a little overworked, a little overwhelmed, and dare I say it, a lot tired.

 I am the worst when it comes to taking care of myself. "One more hour" of working or writing turns into a whole night without sleep. Trying to use food as an incentive, I often declare it fair to eat once I've mastered a song or edited a series of pictures. Of course, with me being exhausted and famished, it is more likely that I end up crashing in bed than getting a proper meal.
Within the last few months this sort of pattern arose. Me somehow not eating a meal or two, and me not sleeping. Yet, hey! I am getting farther in my art, writing, and music. So it's okay, right? 


I know better than to ignore my body and withhold basic needs like sleep and food. At least, I thought I did. You don't go without in order to fulfill a deadline. Especially a self-made deadline. Recently I caught a terrible cold that escalated past what everyone else around me had encountered. I know it was because I was not taking care of my body to begin with, so it hit me hard.

The result was, no working on music, writing, photography, or anything else that mattered to me for a week. And it also resulted in me not being able to go to work at my job. Within that week of misery I couldn't help but think of all the work (from my job and my personal projects) I was missing out on. The funny thing is, once I really broke it down, the week I missed of work really equalled the amount of hours that I skipped resting. In my opinion, it all balances out in the long run. So you might as well do things right the first time around and take care of yourself.

I personally don't think that an hour here or there of you pushing yourself is terrible. However, if this pattern of pushing yourself becomes excessive, really monitor your body and how these habits are effecting you.
You aren't doing yourself any favors by skipping meals or sleep. If anything it's counter productive. You don't work that well, and likely, you probably are in a bad mood because you're tired and hungry.

Take it from me, you don't want to get sick and miss out on things important to you based on stupid and unhealthy habits. Take care of yourselves loves!