We Are the Millennials

Once upon a time, there used to be a model for adulthood. In this model there’s something about getting a college degree, having a successful career, buying a big house, getting a nice car, and maybe finding and keeping an attractive partner (and eventually getting married and having kids). Only, that model doesn’t seem to work for most of us anymore. 
So where does that leave us?
“Us” being the generation of today?
The Millennials. 
The world for us isn’t what it was for our parents, and most certainly not the same as it was for our grandparents. Inflation has jumped the price for a college education ( College Costs Out Of Control )
the job market has become a lot more competitive thanks to the global market, the housing market is just barely getting on it’s feet (depending on who you ask), and we are looking at the prospect of having children a little more objectively than before. Especially when it concerns time, money, and the views of the world as far as the effects of the population on the planet and our resources; while also considering the concept of global war and conflict.
So where does that leave us? Have we failed as adults if we don’t go to college or if we drop out, if we have to move back in with our parents because of the back-breaking debt, if we buy our car used (if we have one at all), and we don’t work at a “real job” right away? The answer is that we most certainly have not! 
So we don’t have that “real job” that we are pressured to get, but we seem to be creating the jobs we want, leaving us more satisfied than the previous generation rather than just looking at financial stability. We have a lot more resources to become a success than ever before thanks to current technology and the acess to the internet, making the possibilites endless and the world literally our oyster. Which leads me to my next topic - we don’t seem to be as quick about getting married or buying houses, but we are traveling more, and we are connecting more than ever before. Our world is international, no longer making topics of war and conflict a distant problem, but rather a personal issue. We are more giving and accepting of people that are different, and want to make a difference in the world around us for the better in comparison to the generations before us ( 11 Reasons Millennials Are The Best Generation Yet. ).
The idea of any of us struggling with the concept of being a “real adult”, or believing in the popular notion that us millennials are really lazy and narcasisitic is absolutely absurd. We have the power to shape our lives how we want. The old roles of what a woman and man can do, should be, or who we should be with has flown out the door. We have the ability to be whoever and whatever we want. The model for adulthood is not only outdated, it’s been obliterated thanks to us!
We can’t be shaped or pinpointed into any particular box or category. We’re all different, so what makes us a success is unique and based, in my opinion, on us doing and achieving happiness. We can be with who we want, do what we want, and if the job isn’t out there, than we create it. While the world certainly has room for progress, the fact that these options are even open to us proves our impact as a generation. 
The moral of this story, my loves, is that we are free to do as we please when we please. We have made ourselves our own knight and shining amours, and we have learned to create our own happily ever afters. The perception of what makes us an adult has been completely re-written, and it suits us just fine. 
After all,  we are Millennials.