You're More Than a Survivor of Abuse, You Are a Conquerer

For months I was continuously told, from a person that I once respected, “Girls like [me] only succeed if [I] bother to sleep around with prominent businessmen.” Ladies, you can succeed because you’re intelligent, hard working, and brilliant. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Yes, I tousle my hair, wear fitted clothes, and put on make-up. However, that doesn’t mean I’m seeking  a man’s attention. My ambition is not to sleep my way to the top; it’s to succeed through my hard work, determination, and talent.

To the particular individual that tried to take away my self-worth, tried to steal my confidence, and who belittled my mental prowess, you failed. You told me that there were predators out there that would try to take advantage of my youth and nativity. At the age of 18, I didn’t quite understand that the person you were warning me of, was actually you all along. Today, I now know that you were cruelly trying to break me down to where I was my most vulnerable, so that you could later use and control me as you saw fit. 

Experiencing the emotional and verbal abuse from someone that I once looked up to was horrific. I would never wish upon anyone the betrayal and unfortunate ordeal that man put me through. However, from that experience, I learned that there are people out there (not just men) that will try to push around people who they perceive as weak. Because I am small in stature and have doe eyes, I may seem like an easy target. Then, and on occasion even now, I think there’s this misplaced belief  that in the face of bullying and abuse I won’t fight back, or that I will stay silent. That couldn’t be farthest from the truth.  

I know my worth, and I won’t allow for you to break me down.

Back then, I struggled to conquer that ordeal that that Madman put me through. But I succeeded and overcame it. He hurt me, I’m not so proud to admit this much. But I took back the power he tried steal from me. I’m pushing forward despite his prophecy of failure; and I’m doing it without the need to sleep with my bosses or clients. Mr. Madman, you didn’t break me, and don’t be so vain to believe that you made me stronger. I built myself up, and I made myself stronger.

Ladies, or anyone that is reading this, people will try to quantify your worth, tell you what your limits are, and what you’re able to accomplish. Don’t listen to them. You are capable of doing everything and anything you set your mind to. There will be people in this world that will try to take away your confidence, and that will try to bring you down to their same level of misery. But you have the power to break out of that situation. Remember that you have all the strength in the world. So use it, protect yourself, and rise to the occasion. You are powerful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.