You're Not Normal

Self doubt and fear are nasty little things that eat away unnecessarily at us and at others. This form of negative acceptance discourages personal growth and development while feeding our insecurities.

It's unbelievably easy to allow negative and hateful thoughts and emotions run wild and roam free within our psyche. It's almost as if we are programed to think and expect the worst. For some reason, we are our biggest critics, and allow ourselves to drown in habits and thoughts that do nothing for us. Even worse, we seem to accept the same from others.

It's easy. Easy to follow a routine of negativity. And for some odd reason, it can be unbelievably difficult to have faith in ourselves when people are against us, and when we seem to think we have evidence to support their claims.

This in itself is saddening, for we are fighters and we are conquerors. We are children of prosperity. We are all destined for success if we put the effort into it, and have the determination to reject failure. So why does it seem so difficult for us to have faith in our our own abilities to succeed?

Our purpose is to be great, not to bring ourselves down. We all have something to offer to the world that only we can bring to the table. For this reason, don't compare yourself to someone else. And don't you dare criticize yourself for what you think you are not. Block out everything and everyone that steals your peace, and do not succumb to the negativity. You are precious, and you are amazing. Do not forget this.

As for the term “normal”, what does that mean anyway? To be normal, in my mind, means to be ordinary. Why on Earth would anyone want to be ordinary when  you can be extraordinary? So you may have a quirk, something that sets you apart from the rest? Good, the world doesn’t need a replica of the same thing. We need leaders, we need variety.

Don’t allow your mind to accept the negativity that you or anyone else brings to it. Accept yourself and all that you are. As for being normal? It’s completely overrated.

Just a few words of Jazz for you this evening. Good night my loves.